Social Media Marketing: The Basics

Social Media Marketing: The Basics

So, you’re ready to jump into social media marketing, but you don’t want to screw up the basics. Or maybe you launched your Facebook page months ago, but can’t seem to get anyone except your employees (or your mother) to follow you. Either way, you’re going to need some help. Do you want to be a social media powerhouse but can’t seem to get any momentum? Check below to make sure you’re getting the basics right.

Pick an appropriate username.

This seems self-explanatory, but you have no idea how many people screw this one up. If your @username on Twitter doesn’t mesh with you well, you’re in big trouble. Your username – your identity – on social media needs to be directly related to you and what you’re doing. If you can’t use your name, the name of your company, or the name of your product, you’re going to have to get creative. Ask yourself this before you select a handle: Are people going to know this is me when they read it?

It’s all in the description.

Your name, your website, your other social media accounts, tags and keywords that will hook search engines up to your profile – It all has to appear on your page, and you want it to be one of the first things people see. Don’t just put a boring description with your name. Make sure people can find you, and make sure they know what they’re getting into when they choose to make a commitment to your social media pages. Get creative about it. Consider new things, like adding a background image that highlights pertinent information.

Post interesting stuff.

Don’t just talk business with your followers — entertain them. Give them a reason to follow you. Your posts are of the utmost importance. Sure, you want to give them appropriate updates, offer them deals, and show them your goods. But they also need to like you – make them laugh, engage your followers directly on a personal level. Don’t always make it about business; show a little bit of personality, and give yourself an internet persona. Make your page a destination.

Let other people promote you.

Remember where we talked about posting interesting stuff? This is why. Because entertaining tweets and clever Facebook posts means people will share it. You want people to “like”, retweet, and share your stuff, because then you’re reaching a larger audience. It’s possible that some of your followers are social media stars with more virtual friends than you can count. Imagine being able to reach their audience, too. Make sure what you post is shareable, likeable, and otherwise going to make rounds.

Connect the dots.

Your internet presence needs to be united. Your Facebook should be linked to your Twitter, your Google+ should be linked to both, and your website should house it all. Don’t force people to read multiple pages just to get all the information they need. Make sure the updates you post (not to mention those witty gems you’re writing) make it everywhere you are.
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