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Blogging to Drive in Traffic

Regardless of what kind of website you have, one of your primary goals is to drive in traffic. After all, people can’t know you exist and/or buy what you’re selling …

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Remember there’s a Mobile Format War Going On

Without boring you with the specific data and numbers (though if you’re interested, we posted a link below), the fact is that Apple’s iPhone iOS and devices running on Google’s …

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Facebook Paper May Change Social Media Marketing

Earlier this month, Facebook announced Paper (, a new service that allows users a more detailed look at their News Feed, offering customizable options, organization of their feed by category, …

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Social Media Marketing: The Basics

So, you’re ready to jump into social media marketing, but you don’t want to screw up the basics. Or maybe you launched your Facebook page months ago, but can’t seem …

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The Art of Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page?  Well, you’ve likely visited one a million times and didn’t know it. A landing page is a page on the internet that houses a limited …

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Tele-Traffic App Award

Tele-Traffic has been rated one of the best travel apps in 2014 across many Florida cities. They are expanding to many other cities in Florida plus venturing to other states …

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