Remember there’s a Mobile Format War Going On

Remember there’s a Mobile Format War Going On

Without boring you with the specific data and numbers (though if you’re interested, we posted a link below), the fact is that Apple’s iPhone iOS and devices running on Google’s Android each make up a significant portion of the total market share, and neither is likely to vanish any time in the near future. So, if you’re looking to create a mobile app, the smartest move is to accommodate both of them.

Without getting into the technical nuances of iOS and Android, the fact is that both have their own distribution methods, and many apps are not compatible for both. If your app isn’t compatible with both iOS and Android, many of your potential users will never be able to find your app, let alone use it.

Both Google and Apple use their own default stores, and both contain only applications and proprietary software that work on their devices.  If your app doesn’t work for both iOS and Android, you can’t get approval to have it featured in both marketplaces. And it goes without saying that these marketplaces are the primary way in which users acquire new apps and content, so you want to be in both of them.

it’s important that your app – from its initial development – be made for both platforms, assuming you want to accommodate and reach as many people as you can. Unless you have some proprietary deal in place, there’s really no reason for your app not to be compatible with as many mobile devices as possible.

For this reason, Krbec Productions makes apps that work for both. When David makes you a mobile app, it will be optimized to work for as many tablets and phones as possible. But hey, if you want an app that will only appear on the Google Play store, that’s your choice — and David can still help you. Just be aware that there’s a mobile format war going on, and the smartest option is to make everyone happy.

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