Blogging to Drive in Traffic

Blogging to Drive in Traffic

Regardless of what kind of website you have, one of your primary goals is to drive in traffic. After all, people can’t know you exist and/or buy what you’re selling unless they can find you. Maybe you’ve started marketing yourself on social media, and you’ve begun optimizing your site for search engines; and now you’re looking for another way to drive in traffic. Consider adding a blog to your website. 

There are several advantages to doing so, one being that more pages online carrying your name means more hits and more traffic. The second is that a blog gives your site some fresh content, which is always a plus, since it encourages people to visit again.

You may have to get creative about it. But writing blog posts is not as difficult as you think. We here at Krbec Productions added this blog to bolster traffic, but we also give out free information related to our services, and post news stories related to David directly. It’s a win-win; customers get something out of these blog posts, and we’ve helped ourselves drive in more traffic.

There are no formal rules about your posts, but it’s good if you keep them informative, entertaining to read, and related (even loosely) to whatever your site is about. If you’re running a tech website, throwing in blog posts about food recipes isn’t going to help anyone. Your site visitors will be baffled, and you’ll be driving in irrelevant traffic.

Remember the primary purpose of your blog is to make you more popular to search engines. So, you want your posts to be related to whatever your site is about or to whatever you’re selling on your site. You want the tags for your blog post to match those found elsewhere on your site. And Google doesn’t like liars – if you start tagging your blog posts with unrelated keywords, it could cost you search engine ranking. So, try to keep your blog content on topic as much as possible.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to add a blog to your site, but there’s very little reason not to do it. All search benefits aside, a blog is just a great way to keep your site looking fresh and relevant. Adding a blog certainly isn’t all that difficult; all you need is a space to throw down some text and pictures, and you’re ready to go.

If you aren’t a writer and you need outside content writing services, Krbec Productions can write blog posts for you at a fair price (a shameless plug, we admit). Check out our blog, and imagine having something similar on your website – it’s absolutely doable.
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