Easter Email Design

Butter Cafe Menu Design

Butter Cafe is a restaurant in Dayton, Oh.

iTrust Labor

iTrust Labor is an escrow service for all workers.

MVP Dance Fit Business Cards

MVP Dance Fit is a new dance studio in Kettering, OH.

Lift Your Booty, Love Your Body

This logo is for a dance team at MVP Dance Studio.

MVP Dance Postcard

MVP Dance Pricing Postcard for their clients.

David Krbec Bag Logo

David Krbec is a professional golfer.

MVP Dance Brochure

MVP Dance brochure that lists pricing and class descriptions.

BAD Girls Crew Logo

BAD Girls Crew is part of the MVP Dance Studio.

Scrub Cycles Flyer

Scrub Cycles is based in Texas and they make custom bikes that are awesome!

Nationwide Warranty Services Logo

Nationwide is a brand new car dealership branding company.