Logo Design

Maingate Resort & Spa Logo

Maingate Resort & Spa is a brand new resort located at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


Affordable is a arms, ammo and accessory store. They offer all different brands of products.


Brohats.com was founded by four bros at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Hanging out at the Fraternity wanting neon hats that reflect our party spirit!!

Covested International

Covested international is a world wide company that handles the finances for multi billion dollars corporations.

Rock Star Music

Rockstar Music is dedicated to providing adults and children of all ages and musical sill levels with everything they need to have the music career!


BaseBill is a web application that teaches users how to interact with the legal system through a baseball type game.

NYE Orlando 2014

NYE Orlando 2014 was the number one place for NYE events in the Orlando area.

iActive Media

iActive Media is a development and marketing firm that specializes in custom design and mobile app development.


CarInsect is a company that sells used and new cars online.


VeeMail is a mobile app company.

A1 Matress

A1-Matress is a company that sells mattresses and other bedroom furniture.

Athletic Auctions

Athletic Auctions is a company that allows Universities or High Schools to auction off their own gear!

Beer Festivals

Beerfestivals.com is a ticketing site for beer festivals only. They will offer tickets to the best Beer Festivals across the world.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar is a t-shirt printing facility that provide custom designs at a reasonable price.

Automatic Press

Automatic Press is a golf apparel company that offers cutting edge clothing.

Craft Beer Rocks

Craft Beer Rocks is a craft beer magazine that offers the number one insight on the best beers around your town.

David Krbec Golf


Facebracelet is a social website that allows you to chose your photos from facebook and print them onto a custom color bracelet.

Get a Game

Get a Game Tennis is an iPhone application that allows tennis players to schedule matches and chat on the app.


Glootronics.com is a great website that helps people search for electronics.

Intensive Carpet Care

Intensive Carpet Care is based out of Jacksonville and they clean commercial offices and residential homes.

JSquire Marketing

JSquire Marketing offers Orlando marketing and branding for your company. They also offer promotion packages to venues in the area.

Laurent Faure Conseils

Laurent Faure Conseils is a company that offers discount bells for the hoildays.

Roboto Signs

Roboto Signs offers mahicans that are advertising masterpieces. They allow you to get the same effect as in having a sign holder for a cheaper price.

Make Me A Better Student

Make Me A Better Student offers subliminal messages to help kids do better in school.

Miami Watersports Center

Miami Watersports Center offers on and off shore excursions, wake boarding, skiing and more!

Musicians Tutorials

Musicians Tutorials offers video and written tutorials for all instruments.

My Got Game

My Got Game is a website to help under kids and teenagers play sports in college and gain the recognition they deserve.

Northwest Jet Aviation

Northwest Jet Aviation offers private lessons and tours across the area.

On The Go Prints

On The Go Prints offers quality printing for less!

Ray Lott Houston Homes

Ray Lott Houston Homes is the best real estate company in Houston.


RotoHub is an app that allows users to connect all their fantasy platforms into one.

Siesta Shuttle

Siesta Shuttle offers transportation to and from Siesta Key for only $5 round trip. They also offer trips to Tampa to watch the Rays and the Lightning.


University of Pacific ASDA is a dental school club.

Verified Tenant

Verified Tenant is a rental verification company that verifies potential tenants for your property.

Zwag Tag

Zwag Tag is a company that sells dog tags with a QR code. You can access your account from their site an change the link and the QR code work properly.

Golf Local Deals

Golf Local Deals is an affiliate company that sells discount tee times to golfers across the world.


Drinkbin offers discount daily drink specials in Florida.

Happy Hour Shuttle

Happy Hour Shuttle is a transportation service in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Golden Keys

Golden Keys To The City offers push notification for local establishments to offer discounts to potential customers within 500 feet of their venue.


The National Association of Bankruptcy Litigators is a group of attorneys that specialized in Bankruptcy litigation. Specialize in representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in various aspect of bankruptcy litigation.


iTrustLabor is a escrow service for all type of services.


Rockval Coming soon!

Puerto Rico Title Loan

Puerto Rico Title loan is based in Puerto Rico.

Loan From Work

Loan from work is a company that offers pay day loans to Companies for their employees or to individuals.

Lift Your Booty, Love Your Body

This logo is for a dance team at MVP Dance Studio.

BAD Girls Crew Logo

BAD Girls Crew is part of the MVP Dance Studio.

Nationwide Warranty Services Logo

Nationwide is a brand new car dealership branding company.